Tuesday, March 26, 2019   05:15:37
Petroleum Ministry Determined to Tap Local Capabilities: Iran President


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the Ministry of Petroleum is determined to apply domestic capabilities, adding his administration is obliged to provide the required business space for the massive oil industry in Iran.

Referring to plans by the Ministry of Petroleum to take advantage of the capabilities of local manufacturers, exploration and production companies and knowledge-based companies, the president said, “Generally speaking, the oil industry, both in upstream and downstream sectors, is a totally strategic industry.”

In Iran, oil has never been a mere economic issue and has been a political one, he added.

“Other industries are also valuable, but oil is special and has a significant impact on people's lives. In our society, bread is also energy-dependent, and if there occurs a problem in gas [supply], for example, bakeries are also in trouble,” Rouhani added, speaking during a visit to Iran Oil and Gas Show in Tehran on Tuesday.

He also expressed hope that development of the South Pars gas field would complete before the end of his administration.
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