Saturday, October 19, 2019   11:02:21
Gas Turbine Training Course Held for Iraqi Oil Experts


An international gas turbines training course was organized by Isfahan Petroleum Technical Specialist Training Center for 12 instructors of Iraqi Ministry of Petroleum Training Centers.

The training was held in Isfahan, central Iran, for five days in coordination with the National Iranian Oil Company's representative office in Iraq.

During the course, practical information on gas turbines, how to operate them, their components and parts, familiarity with fixed and movable blades, compressor turbines, power turbines, rotor discs, rotors, combustion chambers and other internal turbine components were introduced to the Iraqi experts.

The course was held in the framework of cooperation between Iran and Iraq in the field of petroleum industry, with the aim of enhancing international cooperation and to empower and transfer the expertise of Iranian specialists to Iraq.
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