National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) has since 1951 been tasked with arranging petroleum industry activities including exploration, drilling, production, research and development, oil and gas exports, and associated policymaking.

Owning huge hydrocarbon reserves, NIOC is one of the largest oil companies in the world. As science and technology make progress in the petroleum industry and political and economic ties become more complicated, NIOC has seen its standing improve. Therefore, national and regional policies and cooperation with top industrialized nations in energy supply and bringing stability to global oil markets top NIOC agenda.

NIOC’s administrative organization is as follows: Management (Directorate of International Affairs, Directorate of Research and Technology, Directorate of Corporate Planning, Directorate of Coordination and Supervision on Oil and Gas Production, Directorate of IT and Communications, Directorate of Human Resources Development, Directorate of Financial Affairs, Directorate of Legal Affairs, Directorate of Exploration, Directorate of HSE, Project for Assisting Oil-Rich Zones Development); Top Administration (Public Relations, Vetting Board, Security, Inspection, Complaints, Internal Audit); Organization (Research Institute of Petroleum Industry, Petroleum Industry Health Organization, National Iranian Gas Export Company, Iran Fuel Conservation Organization, Pension, Saving and Welfare Funds); Production companies (National Iranian South Oil Company, Iranian Central Oil Fields Company, Pars Oil and Gas Company, Iranian Offshore Oil Company, Arvandan Oil and Gas Production Company, Khazar Exploration and Production Company) and Technical services companies (National Iranian Drilling Company, Petroleum Development and Engineering Company, Tehran Kala Naft Procurement and Manufacturing Support Company, Iran Oil Terminals Company, Pars Special Economic Energy Zone Organization).

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