The daily increasing demand for gas to supply energy and fuel and generate hard currency from gas exports for investment in parent and infrastructure industries set the foundation for centralizing activities related to the gas industry. National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) was established in 1965 based on legally enacted Articles of Association with an initial capital of IRR 25 billion. In parallel with economic and social development in the country and by using gas as a major source in supplying fuel and generating energy and revenue, NIGC has since enhanced its capabilities and engaged specialized manpower and achieved necessary advanced machinery and equipment to carry out gas-associated operations. Today, NIGC is able to handle all gas-associated affairs by itself in accordance with internationally recognized standards.

NIGC is now one of the top ten in the Middle East. It supplies more than 75% of Iran’s gas needs.  

Enjoying a significant standing both internally and externally, NIGC has restructured itself based on its needs and extent of activities.

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