The petrochemical industry in Iran dates from the 1950s. In late 1950s, the then Ministry of Economy established a chemical agency to promote the petrochemical industry in Iran. In 1958, a chemical fertilizer plant was constructed in Marvdasht in Fars Province. As the growth of the petrochemical industry required broader specialized activities and further coordination with the oil and gas industry, an organization was needed to be established to develop and lead the petrochemical industry. That was why in 1963, National Petrochemical Company (NPC) was established under the authority of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). All activities related to the petrochemical industry were centralized under NPC.

NPC has since operated development plans, achieved a high standing and made maximum use of relative advantages in the country to be more effective in the region and the world. Evidence of such presence is seen in changes in economic variables and indicators like production, export, investment, value-added and share of national production, reginal partnership and extent of export markets.

After all production companies were privatized, NPC – relying on more than five decades of experience and enjoying human and intellectual capitals – is engaged in macro-planning, policymaking, regulation, arrangement, facilitation and support of sustainable development of the petrochemical industry with a view to reducing raw materials sales and completing the petrochemical value chain.

Laying emphasis on social responsibility, NPC is instrumental in national economic development and upgrading the quality of life by protecting the environment and national resources, creation of value, accountability, and respecting the rights of stakeholders.

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