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Oil Refineries in Iran

Abadan Oil Refinery

The ground was broken for the Abadan oil refinery in 1910. The first Iranian treatment facility started processing 2,500 b/d of crude oil in 1291. It was named the largest oil refinery in the world in 1941 and 1977.   

Tehran Oil Refinery
The Tehran oil refinery was established in 1967 with a capacity of 235,000 b/d. It has currently two divisions, known as the northern and southern refineries.

Isfahan Oil Refinery

The Isfahan oil refinery came on-stream in 1980 to process crude oil and petroleum products and feed downstream industries (Isfahan Petrochemical Plant, Arak Petrochemical Plant, Sepahan Oil Plant, Jey Oil Refinery and Iran Chemical Industries). The refinery has seen its processing capacity grow 85% to 375,000 b/d.

Arak Oil Refinery

The Imam Khomeini oil refinery (Arak refinery) came online in 1993 with a nominal capacity of 150,000 b/d, which soon increased to 170,000 b/d.

Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery

The Bandar Abbas oil refinery was built in 1992 on 700 ha of land north of the Persian Gulf and near the city of Bandar Abbas. It became operational in 1997 with a processing capacity of 350,000 b/d.

Shiraz Oil Refinery

Construction of the Shiraz oil refinery started in 1970 for an initial capacity of 40,000 b/d. The refinery became operational in 1973.

Tabriz Oil Refinery

The design and construction of the Tabriz oil refinery began in 1974. The facility came on-stream in 1977. The initial nominal capacity of the refinery was 80,000 b/d, which was later upgraded to 110,000 b/d.

Lavan Oil Refinery

The Lavan oil refinery was built in 1976. Initially part of the Shiraz oil refinery, it was known as the Lavan distillation plant. It started work by processing 20,000 b/d of crude oil.

Kermanshah Oil Refinery

The Kermanshah oil refinery came on-stream in 1922 with an initial capacity of treating 2,000 b/d of crude oil. It was then the second largest oil refinery in Iran. Today, it has a rated capacity of 25,000 b/d with a throughput capacity of 30,000 b/d.

Jey Oil Refinery

The Jey oil refinery was established in 2003. With a nominal capacity of 1.8 million tonnes, it is currently the largest producer of bitumen in the Middle East.


•    The capacity of these refineries has increased over time. They can currently process 1.9 mb/d totally.

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