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Iran Gas Refineries

Ilam Gas Refinery

The Ilam gas refinery was launched in 2007. The refinery was built in two phases. In Phase 1, 6.8 mcm/d of sour gas is fed into the facility whose output would be 5.8 mcm/d of methane to be injected into the national gas trunkline. In Phase 2, more than 10 mcm/d of sour gas would be fed into the refinery.


Bid-Boland Gas Refinery

The Bid-Boland gas refinery was designed in 1968 and came on-stream two years later. It is the first gas refinery in the Middle East.


Parsian Gas Refinery

The Parsian gas refinery was established as a private joint stock company under the title Shiraz Gas Company in 1998. It won recognition as the second gas refinery in Iran in 2003 with a rated capacity of 82 mcm/d.


Sarkhoun & Qeshm Gas Refinery

The Sarkhoun & Qeshm gas refinery was established in 1978 to process natural gas and gas condensate.


Fajr Jam Gas Refinery

The Fajr Jam gas refinery (Kangan) is one of largest gas refiners in Iran. Operational since 1987, the facility had an initial capacity of processing 85 mcm/d of gas, which has now increased.


South Pars Gas Refineries

The South Pars gas refineries total 14 gas refineries designed to refine natural gas produced at the South Pars gas field. There are 24 phases in South Pars, which have come on-stream one by one since 1997.

Shahid Hasheminejad Gas Refinery (Khangiran)

Construction of the Shahid Hasheminejad gas refinery (Khangiran) started in 1975. The project was halted during the 1979 Islamic Revolution for three years. Construction operations resumed in 1983.

•    The Iranian gas refineries have seen their processing capacity grow over time. They can now treat more than 1 bcm/d of gas totally.

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