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Iran Gas Condensate Refineries

Bandar Abbas Gas Condensate Refinery

The Persian Gulf Star Oil Company was registered in 2006 to design, manage, finance, build, operate, repair and maintain a gas condensate refinery in Bandar Abbas. The Bandar Abbas Gas Condensate Refinery, commonly known as Persian Gulf Star Refinery, is the most modern refinery in the Middle East, processing 540,000 b/d of gas condensate.

The gas condensate refinery has been built to guarantee sustained gas recovery from South Pars, reduce environmental pollution, and guarantee self-sufficiency in the supply of strategic energy products like gasoline and gasoil as well as liquefied petroleum gas, hydrogen, sulfur, jet fuel and solvents.

The Bandar Abbas gas condensate refinery is known to be the largest gas condensate refinery in the world.


Siraf Gas Condensate Refineries

A group of eight gas condensate refineries, each processing 60,000 b/d of condensate, are operating under the Siraf refining project. The refineries are under construction by qualified private companies in the Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (PSEEZ).

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