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General Policies for Energy Sector

a)    Oil and Gas General Policies

1.    Adopting appropriate measures and solutions for broader oil and gas exploration and full knowledge of national resources

2.    Increasing oil production capacity proportionately with existing resources while boosting economic, security and political power

3.    Increasing gas production capacity proportionately with national deposits with a view to supplying domestic needs and maximizing replacement with petroleum products

4.    Expanding fundamental and development research and training human resources and making efforts to set up centers for absorbing and exporting energy knowhow and techno-engineering services at the international level and upgrading technology in the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors

5.    Making necessary efforts and legal arrangements to attract (domestic and foreign) financial resources in the legally authorized oil and gas projects

6.    Benefiting the regional and geographical location of Iran to purchase, process, refine, swap and transfer oil and gas to internal and external markets

7.    Efficient use of energy and reducing energy intensity

8.    Replacing crude oil and natural gas exports with oil and gas products and petrochemicals  

b)    General Policies for Other Sources of Energy

1.    Diversifying energy resources and using them in full respect of environmental concerns and making efforts to increase share of renewable energies with a focus on hydraulic energies

2.    Making efforts to acquire nuclear technology and knowhow and building nuclear power plants to make contribution to national energy supply and train specialized manpower

3.    Expanding research activities in the nuclear fusion energies as well as scientific and specialized partnership and cooperation in this field

4.    Making efforts to acquire technology and technical knowhow for renewable energies and building power plants including wind and solar power plants as well as fuel cells and geothermal energy

General Objectives for Oil and Gas Sector Development in 6th Five-Year Development Plan

-    Increasing hydrocarbon production with a view to creating generative and sustainable wealth based on spatial planning

-    Securing domestic supply of gas, petroleum products and petrochemicals by taking into account economic and environmental considerations

-    Optimal use of hydrocarbon resources to transform Iran into a key player in global markets

-    Upgrading the petroleum industry into an excellent and updated industry by reliance on domestic capabilities and international interactions 

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