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Iran Petroleum Standards


The minimum requirements for engineering construction and installation, selection of materials and other necessities in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries with the view to achieving favorable levels of order and quality in a specific domain.


•    Integration and harmonization

•    Minimum requirements

•    Preventing duplication

•    Saving time and costs

•    Precision, accuracy and speed

Standards are formulated and adapted with domestic conditions based on international resources and references.


The first step towards formulation of Iran Petroleum Standards (IPS) was taken in 1990 upon a decision by the Board of Directors of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), using consultation services and in cooperation with the Directorates and subsidiaries of Ministry of Petroleum. The standards were handled over after six years.


•    construction and installation

•    engineering

•    general

•    periodic inspections

•    commodities

Number of initial standards presented: 378

Number of initial standard maps: 185

Number of existing standards: 372

Number of existing standard maps: 188


•    oil and gas production facilities, refineries

•    chemical and petrochemical plants

•    avoiding duplication

•    gas transmission and processing facilities and other gas installations

IPS Standards Review and Use

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