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Saturday, February 25, 2017 Organizational Chart of the Ministry of Petroleum  
Minister of Petroleum --- Ministerial Department – The Bureau of Coordinating Investigation of Administrative Offenses – International Energy Studies Institutes (Energy Studies Research Center) – Oil Industry University
Department of Supervision over Exports and Exchange of Oil Substances
Public Relations Department – Information Technology and Knowledge Management – Secretariat of Central Selection Bureau – Security Department – Auditing and Forums' Affairs – Inspection and Accountability to Complaints – OPEC Affairs and Relations with Energy Associations – Supervision over Exports and Exchange of Oil Substances – Protocols and Foreign Staff Affairs

Deputy Minister of Petroleum and Managing Director of NIORDC

Deputy Minister of Petroleum and Managing Director of NPC

Deputy Minister of Petroleum and CEO of NIGC

Deputy Minister of Petroleum and NIOC CEO

The Engineering and Home-Made Department

Governors General and Project Management General Office

HSE Department

Study of Resources and Home-Made Logistics Department

Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Department … Legal Affairs General Office… Parliamentary Affairs General Office
International Affairs and Trading Department … Asia-Pacific Department …. Arab-African and Latin American Affairs Department … Euro-America and Caspian Neighbors Department … Economy and Investment Department

Manpower Development and Management Department … Organizations and Methods Department … Educational and Manpower Affairs Department … Research Department … Administrative and Managerial Development Department … Entrepreneurship Department … Sports Department … Financial and Logistics Affairs Department

The Department of Planning and Supervision over Hydrocarbon Resources … Strategic Planning Department … Department of Supervision over Hydrocarbon Resources …. Budget Coordination and Supervision over Company Projects Department … Energy Planning Department … The Department of Implementation of Policies of Article 44 and Downstream Industries

Research and Technology Department
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