Supporting Projects

Iran Fuel Conservation Organization (IFCO) offers financial support to PhD and master’s theses whose topics pertain to IFCO research projects. That aims to use the research capacity of universities and establish scientific cooperation between industry and university in light of fundamental, practical and development research on energy efficiency.

Supported Research Fields:

-    Energy efficiency and development of modern technologies for heating and cooling systems in buildings and industries
-    Modern technologies and methods for energy efficiency in light and heavy vehicles and railroad transport (railway and subway)

-    Development and use of renewable energies (to supply thermal needs) for green management
-    Energy efficiency and using modern energy systems and approaches in agriculture sector
-    Recovery technologies and using lost energy in energy-intensive industries
-    Economy and market analysis in energy saving projects in Iran (pursuant to Article 12 of Law on Removing Obstacles to Competitive Production and Upgrading Financial Regime)

-    Technical modelling of energy saving by using various technologies (measurement and confirmation of energy saving)
-    Future studies on energy technologies
-    Transfer of technology and acquiring technical knowhow in energy sector
-    Modes of financing and legal aspects of contracts based on energy performance contracting
-    Energy planning and culture building (consumption models) for efficient use of energy resources
-    Role of energy efficiency strategies in fulfilment of international environmental obligations

Related Topics

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