Upstream Sector Investment Opportunities

National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) envisages 52 hydrocarbon fields and 18 exploration blocks for development and investment. Developing jointly-owned fields is prioritized. Then come undeveloped fields with high production potential and enhanced recovery from developed fields.

The oil fields are listed below:

-    Oil projects

-    Golshan and Ferdowsi heavy oil fields

-    Sohrab, Arvand, Band Karkheh, Jofair, Sepehr, Susangerd fields

-    Oil fields package in western Iran
The gas fields are listed below:

-    Gas projects

-    Golshan and Ferdowis gas fields

-    Halegan, Sefid Baghoun, Sefid Zakhour, Dey and Aghar Phase 2 fields

The exploration blocks are listed below:

-    Exploration blocks

-    Caspian Sea exploration blocks


National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) is putting out to tender a number of field-based EPC/EPCF projects. These projects are listed based on the company they belong to:

-    Field-oriented EPC/EPCF projects run by National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC)
-     Field-oriented EPC/EPCF projects run by Iranian Central Oil Fields Company (ICOFC)
-    Field-oriented EPC/EPCF projects run by Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC)


More Cooperation Opportunities

-    LNG
-    Flare Gas

Investment Opportunities in Downstream Sector

Gas Industry Downstream Projects

National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC)’s $1.8 billion investment potential is mutually attractive and lucrative. The most important projects offered by NIGC to the private sector are as follows:

•    Construction of Iran Gas Trunkline 7 (IGAT-7) for gas supply to northern cities of Sistan and Baluchestan Province
•    Construction of Phase 2 of Iranshahr-Zahedan and Dashtak-Zabol pipelines with $130 million credit
•    Construction of Iran Gas Trunkline 8 (IGAT-8) with $160 million credit
•    Construction of Iran Gas Trunkline 9 (IGAT-9) with $600 million credit
•    Construction of Iran Gas Trunkline 10 (IGAT-10) with $230 million credit
•    Construction of Iran Gas Trunkline 11 (IGAT-11) with $240 million credit
•    Construction of Pariz-Yazd pipeline with $240 million credit
•    Developing Phase 2 of Sarajeh Qom storage site with $160 million credit
•    Construction of Phase 2 of Ilam Gas Refinery with €110 million

Refining & Distribution Downstream Projects

Iran’s refining industry is ranked 13th in the world with a capacity of processing 2.2 mb/d of crude oil. Refining projects in Iran are financed variously. The most important investment projects offered by National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIRODC) are as follows:

•    Jamal Ahmad storage site, construction of storage tanks in Depot No. 2 of Mashhad
•    Construction of new sulfuric acid recovery unit
•    Construction of oil jetty in Qeshm
•    Construction of oil jetty in Shahid Behshti Port in Chabahar  
•    Construction of Trans-Tehran Pipeline
•    Optimization and quality upgrade of Abadan refinery products (Phase IV)
•    Optimization and quality upgrade of Tehran refinery products

Petrochemical Industry Downstream Projects

The second jump in the petrochemical industry covers the 2013-2021 period. A total of 42 projects are envisaged for the second jump. The total investment envisaged for the second jump amounts to $17 billion, $11 billion of which has already been provided. The capital market is expected to account for the rest.

From 2021 to 2025, i.e. the third jump in the petrochemical industry, 28 projects are envisaged with a total of investment of $23 billion. Up to now, $8 billion investment has been made and the petrochemical industry is waiting for another $15 billion investment.

The petrochemical industry must provide for $21 billion financing to reach 133-millin-tonne production capacity.
National Petrochemical Company (NPC) offers the following projects to the private sector for investment:  

•    Ibn Sina Hamedan Petrochemical Plant
•    Kangan Petrochemical Development Co.
•    Damavand Petrochemical Co.
•    Kian Petrochemical Plant
•    Hemmat Petrochemical Plant

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