R&D Priorities

Communications with Universities

The signing of technology development agreements for boosting recovery from a number of oil reservoirs between National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) and universities and research centers (2014) and the signing of 12 major research agreements in the gas, refining and petrochemical sectors (2016) are indicative of upgraded communications between universities and the Ministry of Petroleum.

Engaging university professors and MSc and PhD students in petroleum industry projects is the minimum outcome of implementation of aforesaid agreements.

Domestic Manufacturing

The domestic manufacturing of 10 groups of widely-used petroleum industry commodities, which has been on the Petroleum Ministry agenda since 2014, is another priority.

In light of the domestic manufacturing of widely-used petroleum industry commodities, this project would upgrade domestic capabilities and technologies, increase the effectiveness of these capabilities and help create jobs.

All oil equipment may not be manufactured domestically; however, implementing this project can help supply more than 75% of petroleum industry needs through domestic manufacturing. Furthermore, selecting these 10 groups does not mean opposition to the domestic manufacturing of other commodities; rather, it specifies only our strategy for improving our performance and prove more effectiveness.

Contractors’ Potential

Another priority is to upgrade contracting potential, particularly in the upstream oil sector. We have good capacities in various sectors including drilling, pipe-laying, equipment manufacturing, building and installing offshore platforms, and building refineries, and we have make efforts for boost these potentialities and upgrade the few number of General Contractor (GC) companies involved in the petroleum industry.

Safety and Standardization

Drilling a well is similar to working near a wildlife. The least error would fan the flames of fire.

Operators of drilling equipment are required to be technically and professionally qualified, equipment is required to conform to necessary standards and the drilling process has to be updated. All sectors of the petroleum industry are such sensitive. Therefore, respecting equipment standards is an R&D priority.

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