The Publishing Section of the Public Relations Department of Ministry of Petroleum is in charge of the policies of the petroleum industry in the publishing sector. It plans and monitors editing, designing and printing any materials approved by the ministry.

The objective sought in the publications by the Publishing Section is to provide transparency on the history of the petroleum industry and support authors and researchers. 

The Publishing Section is a professional publisher covering the historical, social and cultural aspects of the petroleum industry.

Some of most recent works by the Publishing Section are as follows:

·         Petroleum and Life

·         Impact of Petroleum Industry on Social Developments in Oil-Rich Southern Zones (1899-1925)

·         Iran Petroleum Industry Chronology (1901 - 1978)

·         Iran Petroleum Industry Chronology (1979 - 2021)

·         Iran Petroleum Industry History (1901 - 1978)

·         Iran Petroleum Industry History (1979 - 2021)


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