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Iran Able to Build 80 percent of Oil Equipment: Zangeneh

Iranian Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zangeneh says the country is able to supply 80 percent of the items and parts used in the petroleum industry.

During a visit to the of the parliament speaker to the 25th Iran Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition on Saturday, Mr. Zangeneh said: "We are now able to manufacture and supply at least 80% of the fixed equipment of the oil industry inside the country."

He said Iran is currently capable of producing NACE sheets, prefabricated processing units, drilling rigs and bits, and cryogenic sheets.

"We have a shortage of capacity in seamless pipes production and we need to invest in CRA pipes," he said.

The Minister of Petroleum referred to catalysts and chemicals as other commodities needed by the oil industry, and said: "In this sector, in recent years, the country has faced a leap in production and self-reliance."

Zangeneh further said that rotating equipment is the third item produced by domestic manufacturers, and continued: "Now most of these equipment such as turbines and gas transfer compressors and various types of oil and product transfer pumps are being produced by major companies (OTC and Mapna) and medium-sized ones."

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