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Iran-Venezuela to Boost Oil Cooperation

Iranian Minister of Petroleum Javad Owji met with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro at Saadabad Palace on Monday, June 13 to discuss bilateral relations.

Javad Owji and Nicolas Maduro discussed and decided on issues such as fuel supply, export of petroleum products, export of petrochemical products and catalysts.

Other topics discussed at the meeting included decisions on the export of technical and engineering services, reconstruction and modernization of refineries, and the development of oil and gas fields.

Last May, the Minister of Petroleum paid numerous visits to Latin American countries, including Venezuela and Nicaragua, in conjunction with the activation of energy diplomacy of the 13th Administration, during which he signed four memoranda of understanding, two agreements in the field of oil and two agreements in the field of agriculture.

The Presidents of Iran and Venezuela on Saturday (June 11) signed a document of comprehensive 20-year strategic cooperation between the two countries in the cultural-historical complex of Saadabad.

In addition to a comprehensive 20-year strategic partnership document, Iran and Venezuela signed documents on cooperation in the political, cultural, tourism, economic, oil and petrochemical fields.

Nicolas Maduro's visit to Iran was made at the official invitation of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, which is his second visit to Tehran after his November 1995 visit.

Maduro Notes Petropars Capacity in Venezuela Oil Projects

The President of Venezuela stressed the need to use the capacity of the Iranian company, Petropars, to develop Venezuela’s oil and gas projects.

Nicolas Maduro visited the Petropars booth on Saturday, June 11 during a visit to the exhibition of capabilities and achievements of Iranian companies, accompanied by Ebrahim Raisi, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

During the visit, he expressed satisfaction with the existence of such a capacity in Iran and stressed the use of this capability and the re-establishment of professional relations in the field of oil and gas.

2nd Iran-made Tanker Delivered to Venezuela

The handover ceremony of the second Aframax tanker built SADRA was held in the presence of the Presidents of Iran and Venezuela.

The presidents of Iran and Venezuela on Saturday (June 11) in a video conference were connected to the deck of the ship in the Persian Gulf and were informed about the process of construction and operation of the tanker.

The delivery documents of the Aframax tanker were also signed at the meeting between the directors of SADRA Company and the Venezuelan side.

This tanker is the second ship ordered by Venezuela to Iran in recent years. According to the signed agreement, Iran is to deliver two more tankers to the Latin American country.

The Aframax vessel is 250 meters long, 44 meters wide, 21 meters high, 14.8 meters of hull, with a speed of 15 knots, which is capable of carrying 800,000 barrels of oil.

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